Clinton & Confetti at LMU Graduation

Clinton and confetti at LMU graduation

Video: Clinton & Confetti at LMU Graduation

Bill Clinton, Loyola Marymount's 2016 commencement speaker.

Bill Clinton, Loyola Marymount’s 2016 commencement speaker.

Rain ended and the confetti shower began! Bill Clinton was Loyola Marymount University’s 2016 commencement speaker. Hillary Clinton was there, too – they had a nephew in the graduating class. The place was absolutely packed.  Check out the video: Four Times Square Confetti Cyclone blowers send up clouds of biodegradable, slowfall confetti over the new grads at the ceremony’s end. Congrats, all you LIONS!

Confetti Fit for a President

Continuous Flow confetti blowers give you that over-the-top look to wow big crowds and truly mark the finale of grand events. Cyclone is a self-contained, high-volume launcher for pros. Each second, it shoots a pound of confetti 30 feet into the air. The dynamic, ongoing wind keeps sending the confetti higher and higher. So, the cloud stays airborne for several minutes. Use it outdoors or in large indoor gyms/arenas.

When you’re designing your continuous flow effects, skip streamers and opt instead for traditional bulk tissue confetti or bulk die-cut tissue shapes. The confetti is slowly hand-fed into the Cyclone, so you will want to plan on designating one operator per unit.

You have two choices for power. Choose Industrial air compressors for extended launches. Use high-pressure CO2 bottles for launches that last approximately 90 seconds each.

Whatever event you are planning, the Cyclone’s effect is spectacular: Clouds of color that linger over graduates, partiers, and sports fans. It’s appropriate for large, boisterous settings where the sound of the machine just adds to the celebration.