Gender Reveal, Piñata Style

Piñata confetti gender reveal

A gender reveal via baseball bat? Yes. This darling, beribboned piñata, created by the grandparents, is stuffed with bright confetti. The crowd, half wearing pink, the other half in blue, surrounds the giant, papier-mâché baseball. All are holding their breaths (and their cameras) as the new dad takes a swing.

Backyard celebrations small and large can give you party planners creative leeway you don’t often find at high-dollar venues. You can produce your own themed entertainment. Let enthusiastic relatives contribute their favorite dishes. Design activities for the kids, and create an overall party flow that makes both genders of adults feel included and welcome.

What’s in this piñata? A pound of biodegradable tissue rectangles. The bursting baseball sends the surprise color flying. The rectangle cut means the effect flutters a long time. So the guests capture colorful photos and dynamic video.

For quick cleanup, use a garden leaf blower set on low and held close to the ground. Blow the confetti into a corner and scoop it into the recycle bin. Leave it on the ground for the length of the baby shower, though. The kids like to play in it, and the color underscores what you’ve all come to celebrate.

This baseball piñata gender reveal is as spectacular and joyful as you can imagine. Click here to see the mom jump for joy.