Get The Look…Kris Jenner’s Gatsby Themed Birthday Party

Kris Jenner's 69th Birthday

Want Kris Jenner’s B-Day Party? Don’t Have $2M?  No Problem.

So you don’t have $2 million and you still want Kris Jenner’s 60th party look. Sure. The beauty of a Gatsby theme is that it’s truly doable on just about any budget. Plus, the brilliant event team Mindy Weiss assembled produced a spectacular template for us to follow.

Here are our thoughts on throwing your own over-the-top, glamorous birthday bash, scaled down from Hollywood studio soundstage to something more like real life.

The Basics –
Theme: Great Gatsby
Guests’ costumes: 1920’s Flapper
Design: Art Deco/clean geometric lines
Colors: White, silver, black, gold
Music: Jazz
Lighting: Pink, white, gold
Food: Imaginative appetizers, cocktails, light dinner fare, white wine, sparkling water
Dessert: Chocolate-frosted cake with gold accents, champagne
Climax: Confetti launch

What You’ll Need –
White Rose Petal printed photo backdrop
White round balloons in different sizes (helium-filled or in a net)
White flowers

Tall, white feathers
Mirrors and mirror ball
Magnetic crystal teardrops and strands
Tall and short silver or gold-colored vases
Large, round glass votives and fat white candles
White dishes, clear glassware
White furniture slipcovers and tablecloths
Soft pink light bulbs
Projector or computer-linked TV
CO2 confetti launchers or hand-launch confetti flick sticks
Silver and gold metallic, black tissue slow-fall confetti rectangles

Get Started –

Entrance Photo

Kris’s costumed guests had their photos snapped in front of wall of white roses at the party entrance. To get your own look at a much better price, hang a printed White Rose Petal photo backdrop and snap pics of your company while their 1920’s outfits are fresh and perfect.

Champagne Bubble Ceiling
At Kris’s party, a balloon net created a bubble effect high in the air. For regular-height rooms: Inflate white helium balloons to different sizes and let them loose to cluster thickly on the ceiling.

Crystal Chandeliers
Short on the real thing? Amp the bling by attaching magnetic crystal or faceted-acrylic teardrops and swag to all lamps and light fixtures.

Furniture & Tableware

Skip the formal dining table. Kris’s guests lounged on white sofas and sat on white-padded stools set around tall cocktail tables. You can do the same: Add white slipcovers, tablecloths and pillows to individual furniture pieces. Then set a self-serve food area with white plates, shiny silverware and clear glassware. Among the plusses: Guests can eat whenever they’re hungry and conversation keeps circulating.

Mood Lighting & Mirrors
Select just a few table lamps and swap their regular bulbs for soft pink ones, then pre-set mirrors and a mirror ball to catch lamplight and multiply sparkle.

Feathers & Flowers
Stand the feathers in tall gold or silver vases and place them as strategic focal points around the room. Echo the look on tabletops with flowers in shorter vases, then flank the flowers with candles in votives.

Projection = Energy

Animated bubbles danced the wall behind Kris’s bandstand even before the first guests entered. The combination of music and movement gave the sense of a party already in gear. You can do the same with gobos or a projector. Or, if your party’s in a home, why waste a big-screen TV? Take advantage of computer-compatible TVs and run an animated bubble screensaver.

Kanye West singing live? Great. Otherwise, cue up your recordings: Warm vocals for cocktail hour. Soft instrumental for dinner. Jazzed-up music for after-dinner champagne and party.

Confetti Launch – The Big Photo

Kris’s kids crowned the Happy Birthday song with a confetti cloud shot from four twin-barreled RC2 cannons. The result was a photo published worldwide.

Kris Jenner Celebrates 60th Birthday

Photo by Mindy Weiss

If your party place is smaller than a soundstage but still has extra-high ceilings, load up handheld launchers with 16-gram CO2 cartridges and slow-fall confetti. For regular-height rooms: Hand out custom-filled Confetti Flick Sticks. Your guests will launch their own photo-worthy cloud and get the joy of truly being part of the big moment.

Send Us Your Photos
There it is – your how-to for throwing glittery birthday celebrations, Gatsby-style. Take the list and run with it, then send us the pictures! We can’t wait to share the ways your imagination sparkles.