How Do I Launch The Confetti Or Streamers?

Using Confetti and Streamers might be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never had the opportunity to use them before. Don’t worry, it’s actually very simple.

Dimensions of the area you want the effect in:

You’ll need to determine the width and length of the area you want to cover and your ceiling height.

Type of launchers: The confetti and streamers can be launched in a number of different ways. You can either drop it from the ceiling by hand, use Confetti blowers to “blow” the confetti to your desired area or use Launchers to shoot the confetti or streamers. The only one that works well if you’re launching streamers is the launchers.

Handheld launcher versus Electric Automatic: This really depends on how many you need and how many streamers and/or confetti you want to launch. If you are covering a small area for example 40 feet wide and deep, you can use 2-4 32” handheld launchers to produce a nice effect. Remember you will need 1 person to launch them at each position they will be launched. They are very simpleto use! Once they are loaded, you pull the string trigger and away they go!

In a larger area, or if you want to truss mount the launchers or if you can’t use handheld launchers due to sight lines or lack of manpower, the electric launchers are the way to go. Our XC-2 Launcher is the same type of launcher that you see on virtually any concert, large theatrical production professional application. The reason, they work all the time. They are compact. They are light (25 lbs loaded) and they use easy to find compressed air.

In short, for many Church, School and smaller type functions the 32” handheld launcher will do a wonderful job for you. For bigger events where you’ll need to cover more area or need to fire the launchers electrically, the XC-2 is the way to go!

Good luck and call or e-mail us with any questions!

John Jaworski

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