How to Throw Your Own Ticker Tape Parade

A big corporate client has stumped an event planner friend of ours: “Please create us a ticker tape parade” – with nary a tall building in sight.

Got the visual?

  • “Ticker tape”
  • Coming from all directions
  • Along an entire, outdoor parade route (wind, power lines)
  • Launched by lots of participants
  • Who’ve downed unknown libations

But we love a challenge, and of course we rolled up our sleeves.

White, biodegradable tissue seemed right for the actual “ticker tape” end of things.   To create the illusion, we nixed our regular 25’ x 0.5” streamers and opted instead to cut the tissue into Skinnies 15’ long and just 0.25” wide.

How to launch?  No confetti cannons for sure. For that crowd, we needed something foolproof, effective and (this being the real world), relatively inexpensive.

So we tried something we’ve never done with Skinnies before:  Stuffed them into a long cardboard tube.  Because they’re, well, skinny, twice as many fit into the tube compared to regular streamers.

The result?


We caught video of an early test – just a partial launch.  At full load, 24 streamers shoot by flicking one end.  Flip the tube around and send 24 more sailing out of the other end.  That’s 48 streamers from just one participant, for those keeping score.

Line launcher folk along the route.  Hand out the streamer flick sticks.  Supplement with multicolor confetti flick sticks and the over-the-top picture’s complete.  At parade’s end, you can bet the crowd will spirit the streamers away, draped around their shoulders (it always happens).  A line of leaf blowers blow whatever’s left toward the recycle bin.

May ticker tape rain on your parade!