There’s No Shortcut to Magic, Part 2

Who are your top 3 favorite vendors? Got them in mind? Now – are you
their favorite event pro?
It’s a real question. In the dog-eat-dog world of special events, reputation dings spread like wildfire. Bride bails, rain falls, earth quakes and you’re in the clear. Let shrimp get warm – that’s real trouble.
So you’ve filled your vendor contact list with reliable professionals – whose reputations are also at stake.
Question: Do they reliably say “yes” when you call?
Whether they say their calendar is free or booked has less to do with your budget than you might think.
More important: How much they trust your time management.
The largest bid deflates like a bad balloon when personnel hours are eaten away by cramped venue routes, mile-away parking and cranky security. Time is money – and no more so than on a fixed-bid basis.
How to capture the best vendors? How to make sure they stick like glue?
Protect their staffs’ hours. Ask in advance what their top “crunch time”concern is. Don’t be surprised if you hear something like, “Room at the loading dock.”
Then make your magic happen there, at the loading dock.
Check out the vendor orchestration behind this year’s Emmys Governor’s Ball, and you’ll see what I mean.