Wine Glasses, Hand-Painted and Party-Perfect.

Wine glasses, hand-painted

Raise a Toast to the Party Artists.

How does a set of $1 wine glasses become the focal point of your special event table? With a couple of vials of enamel paint, a paint brush and an oven.

Illustrators and graphic artists can turn inexpensive glassware into intricate works of art that exactly match your venue or event theme. Take a look at the Pinterest board of Florida artist Cary Schott, who paints her own collections as holiday gifts and keepsakes.

Even as a DIY adventure, glass painting creates colorful, satisfying results. Use playful geometric patterns such as Schott’s confetti decorated pair for inspiration. Give each its own color scheme and your guests will always know which glass is theirs.

Confetti-Painted Wine Glasses by Cary Schott.

Confetti Wine Glasses by Cary Schott.

Name Your Occasion

So, what kind of event are these custom glasses right for? Thanksgiving feasts, holiday parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and weddings, galas and fundraisers, retirement celebrations, mardi gras krewes, garden parties, grownups’ birthdays, engagement parties – even book clubs.

Hosting a No-Wine Event

It’s hard to name a room-temperature or cold beverage that isn’t right for this pretty form of customized tableware. Cocktails, sparkling punch, homemade lemonade, ice water over strawberries…

In the Mood to Start Painting?

For those ready to jump in and personally give it a try (or ready to set out supplies as a bridesmaids’ project) Plaid Online has an easy step-by-step tutorial.

Here’s to your next event! May it be filled with color, great flavors and good cheer.